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Welcome to HillMaps - the site for The Armchair Hill Walker.

Here you can find information on British mountains and hills, and view them on a variety of map formats. There are links to weather forecasts, webcams, and some stunning summit photography. You can also read advice on equipment, clothing, and safety in the hills from the main rescue and mountaineering organisations.

These maps and associated data are not intended for direct use on the hills. There is no substitute for competent map reading, compass skills, and interpreting the scenery.

Hopefully, the resources found on this site will help you choose and plan your next adventure.



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Each individual summit links to a detailed Google Map, Streetmap, or OS Get-a-map.

The definition of a hill or mountain is subjective and often contentious. You may find some unexpected inclusions and ommissions depending on the criteria used to create the source data. Please go to the Database of British Hills website to study the criteria in detail.


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Classic Peaks:
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Each individual summit links to a detailed Google Map, Streetmap, or OS Get-a-map.


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Each individual summit links to a detailed Google Map, Streetmap, or OS Get-a-map.


For full details go to Ultra-Distance Challenges.
For more relaxed(?) challenges go to
The Long Distance Walkers Association

4 top challenges: These links to sites open in a new window.

National Parks

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Each individual summit links to a detailed Google Map, Streetmap, or OS Get-a-map.


How to view maps on this site:
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  • Other maps are provided by external sites, which are not under the control of HillMaps.



Guides & Notes:



View the challenge!
There seem to be few long term permanent mountain webcams.


Warm and dry views!


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The data and maps on this site are not intended for use in the field. While every care has been taken with locating points on maps, there are known errors in mapping routines and conversions between methods as detailed on the OS website.
There is no substitute for practical map and compass skills.


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